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@ryelle in a 🍑🌳 #photoblog — August 17, 2017
Indulgence — July 28, 2017


I woke up this morning with a plan: go to Tatte for coffee and food, then head over to my nearby coworking space, Cove.

Then I found out the several block radius around those places had been evacuated because of a huge gas leak. So, uh, there went that.

Instead of trying to walk around Kendall, I said screw it and hopped a bus over to Union Square (thx Niki) and uh apparently indulged a little throughout the day 😬😬😬

No regrets 😎

Paris and WordCamp Europe — June 23, 2017
Automattic Design Meetup in Detroit — May 31, 2017

Automattic Design Meetup in Detroit

Earlier this month, Automattic designers from North America got together in Detroit, MI, for our annual meetup. (Designers in Europe, Africa, and Australia had met up the month before in the UK.)

While we were there, we met a lot of folks from the local community. We talked with them about the issues facing Detroit, as well as its numerous attractions, and how technology can help empower local business owners. We visited some local businesses that run on, like Motor City Java House (great space with an AMAZING art space in the back!), La Posada (EPIC burritos), and Art in Motion (art gallery and sculpture studio). We also checked out The Heidelberg Project and Detroit Industrial Gallery.

Check out some of the photos I took of the trip:

Look fun? We’re hiring.

North American Automattic designers and Hajj Flemings in Detroit — May 18, 2017
🌯👌 Burrito Friday! #photoblog #burrito #burritofriday — April 28, 2017
Turkey, mashed veggies, and whole wheat soda bread 😋 #photoblog — March 31, 2017
Family Time in Florida — February 18, 2017
Boston Women’s March for America — January 21, 2017

Boston Women’s March for America

After much waffling, Kelly and I attended the Women’s March in Boston today, and I’m really glad we did. It was kind of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Getting there was a bit of a hassle:

The T was so packed, after two unsuccessful trains, we ended up bailing and walking over from Cambridge. Glad the weather was nice today, because it wasn’t too cold of a walk. We weren’t alone, either — the entire trek over, the sidewalks were full of people walking to the march! It was pretty incredible. It was so crowded, we didn’t even make it to the Commons itself. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure where we ended up — somewhere along Beacon I’ve never been before, since I’m usually at Park or Boylston on the opposite side of the Commons.

One of the things I loved most was how happy and excited everyone seemed. Women (and men) across all ages were in attendance, which was so incredible to experience. People went with their kids, their parents, their grandparents. It was totally packed, but people weren’t angry or tense. There was just this air of defiance and celebration and sisterhood that I haven’t really felt since graduating from Smith in 2010. It felt empowering, and like all of Boston came together in solidarity.

Took some photos while we were there:

I love my city, and the people who live here. I love that today, we came together and marched, and proclaimed to the world: women aren’t going to sit down and shut up. We’re going to march, protest, and support each other. We’re going to fight for our rights. We’re unstoppable.

Photos from WCUS — December 20, 2016