Hey there, folks.

I’m Mel Choyce, a user interface designer and sometimes-artist living and working in Boston.

Professionally, I live, breathe, and speak design. I’m a Design Engineer at Automattic. You can check out my portfolio and design musings at melchoyce.design.

As of version 3.5, I’m a WordPress core contributor and a member of the UI group. It was my first time contributing to WordPress, and I’m hooked! I’m hoping to play a bigger role in contributing in the future.

But wait, I also have non-design hobbies!

I’m a gamer. I grew up playing JRPGs on my SNES, then PSX, alongside Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Wave Race, and other awesome N64 games.

I’m also a huge sci-fi/fantasy nerd: some of my favorite childhood memories are of watching Hercules with my dad. I read a lot of young adult fiction (despite my growing age!) and am a huge fan of Tamora Pierce. I have somewhat hidden aspirations of one day publishing my own young adult novel.

Want to get in touch?

You can message me @melchoyce on twitter, or check out my work on dribbble.