Goodbye Boston, Hello Cambridge

On Monday, I’ll be making a move over the river and into Cambridge. There’s a lot of things about living in Brighton I’m looking forward to leaving behind, but I wanted to take the time and reflect on some of the things I’ll miss:

  1. My apartment’s adorable pantry (we call it our “hobbit hole”)
  2. My apartment’s wonderful little sun porch, which was perfect for working in
  3. Living right next door to Whole Foods
  4. How friendly everyone is at Lee’s (local convenience store)
  5. Hungover brunch at the Brighton Cafe, where the food is cheap and plentiful
  6. Working at Refuge Cafe, the only cafe in Boston that’s come close to matching The Roost in atmosphere
  7. Being close to Sunset Grill & Tap, which has hundreds of beers
  8. Having so many decent sushi places within a mile of me, especially Hoshi Ya. Their salmon don is fantastic.

Farewell, Brighton.

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