Reasons I’m sad Apple isn’t making another iPhone “C”

I’m due for a phone upgrade soon and am super sad about moving away from my iPhone 5C, especially since they’re discontinuing the entire line. Here’s why I’m so bummed:

  1. It’s bright and colorful and cheerful
  2. My bright blue 5C matches my Apple Watch
  3. I’ve dropped it from chest-height onto concrete more than once and have never cracked the screen
  4. Despite having dropped it a hundred times it actually stays in my hand really well (unlike the new phones, which are super slippery)
  5. My iPhone 5C is never cold when I go to pick it up in the way the metal framed iPhones are and so it’s always comfortable to use
  6. It’s small enough to fit perfectly into my hand and in all of my pockets
  7. It feels like it was made for me 🙂

If only they’d make a 6C.

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